InVu Braces

What are InVu Braces?

InVu braces work much the same way as traditional metal braces except that they use state of the art technology to make them virtually invisible. InVu braces are custom-made to match the natural colour of your teeth to ensure no one will notice you are wearing braces. InVu braces are made from white ceramic brackets and arch wires to ensure discreteness.

What does treatment involve?

After an initial consultation with the dentist your InVu braces will be custom-made using clear tooth coloured brackets, created by way of a modern moulding process to make the brackets smooth on gums. The braces are then fixed to the teeth by the dentist, after which is will be necessary to visit the dentist every couple of weeks or so to assess progression of your teeth.

What are the advantages of InVu Braces?

  • InVu braces are stronger and durable than conventional and other 'invisible' braces
  • It is virtually 'invisible' to ensure discreteness
  • It is custom-made to match the colour of your teeth
  • The braces are of a smooth nature on gums
  • They do not stain like conventional brackets

Are there any disadvantages?

There are some disadvantages to InVu braces, as described below:

  • It is usually more expensive than conventional braces due to their cosmetic quality
  • The tooth coloured arch wires can become discoloured if you don't maintain good oral hygiene
  • Not as 'invisible' as some other similar brace systems

How long is treatment for InVu braces?

There are a number of factors which determine how long treatment takes when wearing InVu braces, one being severity of your orthodontic problem in the first place. The braces are fixed onto the teeth to ensure constant pressure with results able to be seen in 12-18 months.

How much do InVu braces cost?

The cost for InVu braces will vary according to various factors, as it does with many other cosmetic brace systems. Factors include the level of expertise of your dentist, the dental practice and its location, and whether after-care, if needed, will add to cost. On average, InVu braces cost around £2000-£3000.