Changing Faces Dentistry & Facial Rejuvenation Harborne

Changing Faces Dentistry & Facial Rejuvenation Harborne

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140 High St, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9NN

About Changing Faces Dentistry & Facial Rejuvenation Harborne

Changing Faces and Smiles believe that dental care is care for life. This philosophy is used by all of their dental experts to tailor their treatments for every one of their patients. As such Changing Faces and Smiles present the best dental solution not only by looking into what kind of smile a patient wants but why they want the treatments they want.

Changing Faces believe everyone can have the younger, healthier looking smile of their dreams, and as such have cultivated a loyal following in the Knowle and Harborne areas.

Changing Faces use Incognito hidden braces, a lingual brace technology in which specially designed metal brackets are fitted to the back of a patient’s teeth, allowing for completely discreet teeth straightening.

As well as this, Changing Faces use advanced dental technology in combination with the skills of their dentists to provide the most ideal results for complex cases. Along with using lingual braces, Changing Faces and Smiles can rebuild smiles using reconstructive dentistry, using a mix of dental implants, dental crowns, dentures and bridges, in order to restore patients’ confidence.

Changing Faces believe in a whole-face approach to restoring smiles, so along with teeth straightening and cosmetic dentistry, they offer an array of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, lip plumping treatment and skin care systems.

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